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Paper Houses


Cressingham Gardens residents and visitors made versions of these houses from pages of repairs data obtained via Freedom Of Information requests. The activity was part of my investigation into ‘Schedule of Rates’ codes which are used to categorise repairs jobs across Lambeth. This craft activity created a space to discuss how repairs and maintenance services on Cressingham are managed by Lambeth Council. Instructions for making these paper houses can be found below.


A. Make four widthways folds in a sheet of A4 paper.


B. Then make three lengthways folds in the paper.


C. Make six cuts from the long edges of the paper. Each cut should follow the line of a fold then stop where one fold intersects another.


D. Lift the centre of the paper and fold the flaps in to create a house shape.


E. Finally, fasten the gable ends of the house shape, either with a staple, or with a strip of tape.