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Writing tools

- Markdown format
- Atom markdown editing with the following plugins to make academic
writing easier.
- Zotero with better-bibtex support     http://zotplus.github.io/better-bibtex/index.html
    - Export as better bibtex and select auto-update.
- Pandoc
    - pandoc-fignos
    - Example Markdown preview plus vars:
            --metadata=listingTitle:Code, --filter=pandoc-crossref, --bibliography "/home/tom/linuxhelpers/My Library.bib", --number-sections
- Latex

##Linux Arch linux, Cinnamon desktop - I’m creating new dependencies (grep) in my move away from apple, slowly forgetting the landscape, though muscle memory is still present (search). - ### Graphics tools Krita Gimp Inkscape

Converting images

for f in *.tiff; do  echo "Converting $f"; convert "$f"  $(basename "$f" .tif).jp<!---->g"; done