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“heterogeneous components of the emergent network are brought together, combined and rendered into resilient representations. These representations can then be sent back out into the world, describing a network in which each element has its role to play and its relations to reproduce” (Michael 2016, 39)

The process of public consultation invites comment through technologies of email, the postal service, or on-line form. Preceding this formal process notes in pencil or pen, annotate printed documents, groups co-ordinate and are co-ordinated by online google document systems where sidebar comments becomes a new centre of calculation, a space to negotiate a collective memory of events and to contest recalculate local authority statements of fact originating from housing data sets.

Google spreadsheet

  • Has REALLY GOOD margin notes
  • Home valuation Increase per year %
  • Size of homes
  • References to apartments, flats and houses
  • References provided for where figures are derived from
  • Switched use of feet and meters

  • Makes it very trick to follow and interrogate.
  • A reflection on the limitations of the spreadsheet vs the database vs online forms.

Michael, Mike. 2016. Actor Network Theory: Trials, Trails and Translations. 1st edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Ltd.