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Attempting to call Northgate Public services:
- Housing: 01442 232 424 op:2 - Options 1: vendor - Nortgate arinza: oporator 2 - Northgate: public services

Northgate housing: P http://resources.northgatepublicservices.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Northgate-Public-Services-Housing-Overview.pdf


“I have dealt with the repairs department − Even the phone call is traumatic.”

“I’m not digital I’m analog. Authority feels that if it collects enough dots then you will know the person” Grenfell Tower Activist

“We work on a job, then if we see an issue in the house next door which is causing the problem, we can’t fix it as we have to do what we’re told.”

“A tenant will call up and ask for a new plug in a kitchen. Contractors get there and realise its a plumbing job, not a an electricians job. You get that all the time.”

“Residents give me grief. They don’t understand. I can’t do anything.”

“If there isn’t a code for the job, you choose a code that’s close enough. Everything eventuality gets coded up.”

“We receive a PR-6 then I get out there as quick as possible.”

“A lot of what we do isn’t about repairs, its about today’s society. We use these these PDA’s, these computers. All the confirmations and the mobile phone calls has made it much more complicated.”

“It always swings between Tory cut backs and labour gravy train. Neither are any good.”

“The database told us Cressingham was expensive to repair.”

“A democratic, Co-operative Council would have allowed the balloting of residents. This is not a democratic Council. This is not a Co-operative Council. This is a Council interested in making money. It needs to stop saying one thing and not doing another. This plan will only address the issue that you want to address.”

“When I explained our concern of 16 social homes out of 158 new builds the worker looked visibly perplexed and insisted THERE COULD BE NO FIGURES OF ANY ACCURACY PRIOR TO DESIGN. I explained we got the figures from Lambeth.”

“Residents questions pose new problems for accessing data as we have to do things in different ways.”

“Repairs are like a supermarket loss leader. Its the planned works that make the money.”

“Cost per property models are awful. The big jobs don’t get picked up. Lots of properties fall between responsive repairs, and planned costs.”

“You get used to it, we haven’t had an a error for months, though it sometimes gets confusing when Lambeths system says one thing and our says another”

“You need 5 people that care. Operatives don’t care when you get mangers shouting”

“You end you being a career. sometimes people wreck their own flats to get attention.”

“I’m a proper builder, but surrounded by people that haven’t built a thing in their lives.”

“The trick is to raise two jobs on a single ticket so repairs get completed in order. Sometimes a paint job is ordered before plastering.”

“Problem is people working for 24 years. Clock in take wages. Do nothing.”

“One resident being told she can have a garden flat in the new build , she has one now . When we pointed out there aren’t any - she was incandescent with rage”