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Search and drill


A drill, attached to a video camera and laptop presents an interface able to search SOR codes. The contraption materialises the dyanamics of a database query as it automatically monitors, documents and physically responds to residents searching through lists of repairs data. A search, in the form of a typed word or phrase, spins an electric drill in proportion to the number of SOR codes matched in the query. This contraption provided a humorous means to discuss with residents, map, speculate and ask new questions of Lambeth Councils housing management systems.

Prior to the army tent workshops, I setup a table just outside my garden gate which open out to a footpath and large green area frequented by residents walking to and from their homes, children playing football, a people setting up the odd BBQ. On the table, I soldered electronic components and finished writing programming code used to search SOR codes and trigger a transistor which switched flow of electricity to a drill motor, causing it it spin.